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Yoga. Reiki Energy Healings. Meditation.



Spiritual based healing modalities

for self connection, clarity & direction.

Its time to release your inner blocks, clear your energy field and allow space for the divine guidance of your higher self and spiritual guides to come through. You have the innate ability to feel serene within and live your life following your inner knowing.  



Intuitive Energy Assessment for self awareness & self healing.

1:1 Channelled Reiki Healing for deep vibrational shifts & re alignment with your innate self.

Group Healing Meditation for supported energy clearing & nourishing maintenance.

Mini Oracle Reading for that insightful reminder & divine nudge.

Remote House Energy Clearing for peaceful living.

Online 1:1 Channelled Reiki healing: As an empathic and psychic Reiki healer my gift lies in the ability to read energy& channel healing. I can see energy blockages & interruptions, feel your emotions, sense your spiritual support team and just know what you need right then and there. With online Reiki the energy transfer is a distance healing while you're guided through a personalised meditation.

If you are on the spiritual path, curious, exploring your own intuitive gifts, an empath/sensative, non-active reiki attuned, yoga newbie or someone trying to find an alternative & complementary option to your current issue: then you are here for a reason and I looking forward to holding space for you.

For In-person services/collaborations in CENTRAL COAST use the Contact Me section. This includes Yoga services and private bookings. For latest updates leave your email in Subscribe section.  


                                                                                                                                            With Love, Danuta





Yoga Classes commencing at Urban Yoga Toukley Central Coast soon.

  • Private or Group Yoga & Meditation - Gentle Hatha, Yin, Pregnancy, Mum&Child (0-5) , Chair Yoga, Corporate

  • 1:1 In person Reiki Energy Healings

  • Use the CONTACT ME Section

Practicing Yoga with Babies
Clinic Location


Hello! Yes my name is unusual, its old school Polish, (apparently Romanian too) fun fact, to date I've met 2 people with my name in person!

Welcome to my space, my offerings and here is a little about my story.

My father passed away right before my very eyes from a pulmonary embolism after a short bout with pancreatic cancer in 2014. This was in the midst of my flight attendant career based in Sydney Australia. After experiencing first hand the death process, knowing that my furtive CPR was useless and his fate was sealed,my world was shattered.


What followed was the deep calling of my soul to start to truly discover what my life purpose was, to reach out to those that could help me heal & re discover my authentic self. ( And answer why all these freaky things kept happening to me too! )



Danuta has an amazing ability to connect in with spirit and hold safe space for me to work through deep personal issues. She helps me to gain back my inner power and into a calm state where I feel back in control and connected to my own guides.

Elena Yan

Dedicated to my father.
Who inspires me to live my authentic self.



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Respect. Honour. Integrity.


1. To book an online service please write which one in the message section. Ask any questions you need answered.

2. Email with Pay ID payment link will be sent, along with next availability if your booking is a 1:1 session.

3. After payment is processed your session will be confirmed and all details sent. Danuta may also call you anytime in this process.

For further information, questions, collaboration opportunities, please also enquire in the form here. Danuta will endevour to respond as soon as she can. Namaste.

Thanks for submitting!

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