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My spiritual gifts emerged and my calling as a healer came into foundation. I learnt I was an empath, a psychic and a medium, but my real gift lay in channelled healing with Reiki. I studied & practised & became attuned & certified in Reiki & many forms of Yoga. I attended Meditation groups, Psychic & Mediumship & Intuition workshops, & even did a trip to the Amazon for Ayahuasca ceremonies. 

A courageous leap of faith came later as I left my 6 year aviation career to start working solely on my existing side business of Remedial Massage, adding on my Yoga and Reiki healing services.

I noticed that I could easily "read" my clients when they lay on the table for a Massage treatment, and they really benefited from the internal shifts made in their mental, emotional and physical bodies with the intuitive guidance that came through for them. So here I am, a channel for you to return to your divine innate state so you can follow your heart your unique life path with passion grace and a smile. Since Covid services have shifted online and I moved out of Sydney to a calmer life In Central Coast.

So follow your own heart to the practitioners & modalities that align with you now, and if I'm one of them, then welcome to my space, may you feel safe supported and in good hands.

Namaste Danuta

Certified Qualified & Experienced

Certified Level 2 Usui Reiki healer

+Certified Angel Intuitive + many workshops in Intuition,Psychic & Mediumship.

Treating clients since 2017

Certified 380hr Hatha Yoga Teacher

+ Yin Yoga, Pre-Post Natal Yoga & Kids Yoga.

Teaching & guiding group meditation since 2018

Diploma in Remedial Massage

+ Certified Pregnancy Massage.

Treating clients since 2007

Other: Certified Teachers Aid, Experience as an NDIS Support worker,

Flight Attendant career, Advert Extra & Restaurant waitress supervisor.

Member of Yoga Australia

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