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When you need that safe space and gentle guidance to let go of what no longer serves you & come back to full vibrancy and inner connection.

You are energetically and intuitively guided through a personalised meditation, while receiving distance Reiki healing.

Your guides and the highest beings are called in to assist.

This is done in real time face to face via a ZOOM meeting.


60 MIN


New Customer


$80 for a session

*First 2 sessions

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese system of energy healing where the practitioner facilitates the transference of universal healing light/energy to the client. The practitioner does not use their energy to heal, and should never claim to heal you. You are capable and responsible for your own inner healing and Reiki is a way of allowing that natural process to be activated and supported. It is a complementary modality and works seamlessly with medical & other alternative methods. Reiki was founded by Dr Usui and uses high vibrational symbols to assist one's own healing, helping others to heal, and distance healing.

What does a client do?

In person healings-Clients remain clothed and relaxed on the treatment table. The practitioner will remain with you throughout the session holding their hands either off your body or optionally lightly on certain areas. The energy is transferred and goes exactly where it needs to in the body. You only job is to relax and breathe. A session with Danuta is similar to a guided meditation and you can consciously set your mind and energy to do/follow what is verbally guided of you.

Be aware of how you feel in the days leading up to a session and also afterwards.

How does it work Distance/ Online?

A level 2 Reiki healer can send distant healings; where the person is not physically there at all. They use a proxy and with permission first granted send the energy directly to the others higher self/energy field. Reiki can be sent over space and time. You may feel this if you are sensative yourself. 

With Danuta's online sessions the same process is used but done in real time with the added bonus of being able to read your energy field there and then and work in the moment. Feel free to sage or bless your space before and after your session.

Make yourself comfortable in a chair or semi reclined with either your face or whole body in the screen.

What may a client experience?

You may experience warmth coolness or tingling sensations, you may tune in or out or even fall asleep, you may be shown visuals, hear words or just know things, you may be aware of your own energy vibration feel, sense your chakras or spiritual support team, or you may just feel relaxed calm and at peace. Every session is unique to you and where you are at in life.

Have an open mind as you may be verbally guided to visit childhood memories, past lives, dissolve energetic disruptions, align and balance your chakra's, connect to your own spiritual team, give forgiveness, call in others for healing, resolve past issues, reset subconscious behaviour's, deal with your monkey mind or ego, be shown your future, feel sensations in the body, have an emotional release etc. The most important factor is your own intention to clear heal and reset yourself.


Tips for after a session?

Stay hydrated, be aware of your reactions, responses, feelings and listen to your intuition. You may need some days after to stay calm and be gentle with yourself as energy continues to integrate and shift.

Benefits of Reiki: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Energetic & Spiritual balance.

  • Relieves pain & discomfort

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Awakens intuition

  • Promotes healing

  • Balances energy and chakra's

  • Releases toxins

  • Raises vibrational frequency of body

  • Spiritual growth and emotional clearing

  • Self connection & understanding

  • Subconscious blocks cleared

T&Cs: Reiki is NOT a medical treatment and you must see a licensed health professional for any ailments.

Sessions will be conducted with the utmost respect and your sessions remain private and confidential during the session and for 6 years after.

Payments are to be cleared first before session is conducted. You may reschedule anytime up to 24hrs before your session. Refunds are at sole discretion of Danuta. Danuta reserves the right to cancel or change your appointment at any time.

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