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8 Wonderful Benefits of Yoga

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Train your mind and body for clarity, flexibility and stability.

  1. Yoga helps clear your mind. It frees it from the disorder of everyday living; Replacing feelings of anxiety and turmoil with thoughts of serenity and peace.

  2. It helps you stay calm. Yoga increases your awareness of the present moment.

  3. Yoga inspires positive emotions. Ahimsa or Non-Violence; one of the tenants of Yoga, cultivates kind thoughts toward yourself & all beings. When practised constantly, you can extend this kindness to other people.

  4. Yoga helps you focus more. A focused mind helps you to be more creative and in touch with your innate problem-solving skills.

  5. It helps achieve a greater sense of self-awareness. - Check-in with yourself and drop all the stimuli and noise. - While doing yoga poses breath into your whole body. - If that's not your thing, just lie back on your mat, breath and become aware of sensations.

  6. Practising Yoga improves sleep. Yoga can help put you in a deeply relaxed state - a prerequisite to falling asleep.

  7. Want to increase your capacity to learn? Yoga! Yoga boosts our Alpha brain waves, which aid our ability to learn, memorize, and store brand new information.

  8. You can Yoga anywhere. You don't need a special environment or equipment in order to do it.

Get into the habit! Yoga improves the quality of life in the long run. You only need a few minutes of your day to practice.

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